La Tomatina FAQ's

What should I bring and wear for the Tomato Fight?

Before you depart, make sure you have your passport. The weather should be hot and sunny, so bring your swimming attire, towel, and sun cream. But be warned: it can get cool late at night - so also bring a light jacket or top.

For the Tomatina tomato fight in Bunol, you must first remember that whatever you wear on the day is almost certain to be thrown away. All passengers take a change of clothes with them on the coach to Bunol left under the coach to retrieve for a quick change before getting on the coach. We suggest the following: Girls should wear tight fitting sports bra or tight singlet with built in bra (which cannot be easily ripped off) and shorts, with sandals or runners. Guys you should wear cheap shorts, shirt and shoes only. Some recommend swimming goggles to protect your eyes but we do find these quickly get covered in tomato and are hard to clean. We find a better alternative is an old throwaway peak cap pulled down tight which helps deflect the onslaught of tomatoes. Girls should not wear bikinis if they plan on going into the centre, they will almost definitely be ripped off.

Again, anything you wear on the day of the tomato fight - including your foot wear - you will more than likely throw away. A number of us from PP Travel take our old worn out shoes to La Tomatina for their last wear removing them in the coach park before we head back to the hotel in Valencia.

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La Tomatina is the World's largest food fight. It's totally crazy. It's totally wild. It's out of control and an unbelievably fun experience. On the last Wednesday of August each year, the world-famous tomato throwing festival takes pl ... read more

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