Munich Oktoberfest FAQ's

What is the Munich Oktoberfest?

The Munich Oktoberfest is by far the biggest party or event of its kind in Europe. Every year a huge non-descript park in the middle of Munich called the Theresenwiese (known locally as the Wies'n) is transformed into a massive fun fair party.

Half of the Wies'n is covered by some amazing rides, side shows, food stalls and schnapps tents. The other half boasts 14 beerhalls. Like everything about the Oktoberfest the beerhalls or tents are big with the smallest (Fischer-Vroni) seating 3000+ people to the largest (Winzerer Fahndl) seating 8000+ people inside and 2000+ in their outside beergarden area.

Tents are owned by local breweries (Augustiner-Brau) or by local restaurateur individuals or families. Ownership of can date back through generations.

Seated at tables you are served steins (1 litre jugs) of the local brew by the frauliens, entertained by oompah bands...the atmosphere is fantastic. The Oktoberfest usually finishes on the first Sunday in October. It normally runs for 16 days straight beginning at noon on the 3rd Saturday in September. With the unfortunate need to cancel both the 2020 and 2021 Oktoberfests due to COVID-19 we very much look forward to 2022 when the Oktoberfest will run from Saturday, 17th of September to Monday, 3 October - a public holiday in Germany. Extra party day!!

It's history is fairly simple, back in 1810 Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese of Saxon and a huge celebration party was thrown in the Wies'n. It was such a success they decided to repeat it the next year and so on.

Now about 5 to 6 million people go to the Oktoberfest and consume over one million gallons of beer. It is free to enter the fest grounds and beerhalls - unfortunately you have to pay for your beer!

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