Anzac Day Gallipoli FAQ's

Changing money in Turkey and how much will I spend?

The local currency is Turkish Lira but you will also find Euros accepted in more and more places. The exchange rate fluctuates massively with inflation running about 100% in Turkey.

There are many banks of ATM's around Sultanahmet. Those using the likes of Revolut and Monza do without fee. Note that once at Gallipoli ATM's are not to be found and vendors selling food and drinks overnight in the Commemorative Zone will normally only accept Turkish Lira.

How much you will need will depend on your spending and how long you are there! Turkey is not as cheap as it once was. If you budget £70+ per day for food and drinks you'll be on the right track. The famous Turkish carpets can be quite expensive, depending on the size, quality and finish you want. Most shops will ship them home for you - Australians, make sure they write Australia not Austria! Jewellery and leather is always reasonable in Turkey. Kiwi's beware as many have had water pipes, "hubbly-bubbly" pipes confiscated as "drug paraphernalia" when taking one home.

The below should give you a rough idea of the present exchange rate;

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