Anzac Day Gallipoli FAQ's

How are the Anzac Day tours to Gallipoli run?

The land-based tour has been organised by PP Travel's local Turkish partner Indigo Tours. They are one of the most respected operators in Turkey with over 20 years experience. On each coach there will be a local Turkish guide as well as a PP Travel representative to ensure the tour operates as smoothly as possible as well informative and enjoyable for all.

We aim to cover the whole of the peninsula, including the British landings at Cape Helles, the massive Turkish memorials and the battlefields of Anzac. Don't be dumped at the cove, waiting in a queue for hours and hours, like the vast majority that attend the service. While we will do our utmost to make the tour is professionally organised and all goes well, we can not guarantee that things will operate as smoothly or the standard of food and accommodation will be as high as expected. We ask all passengers to consider that Turkey is still a developing country and standards can therefore be different.

You will be spending the night out in the elements on the Gallipoli Peninsular in what is called the Commemorative Zone. This area is accessed via airport like security where you will and your bag will pass through security scanning and any prohibited items confiscated. As of 2018 even unopened bottles of water are prohibited but water, along with food can be purchased throughout the night from vendors within the Zone.

After the Dawn Service we all head towards Lone Pine, approximately 3.2km. Here Australians and those wanting to be at the Australian service will stop for the Lone Pine Service at 9:30am. New Zealanders will continue walking a further 3.5km up the bitumen road to Chunk Bair so they can be in place for the Chunuk Bair Service at 11:30am.

After the Lone Pine Service everyone at Lone Pine has to make their way up the hill to Chunuk Bair for the coach pickup that should start around 12:30pm.

Here is the walking route from Commemorative Zone on North Beach to Lone Pine and onto Chunuk Bair on Google Maps.

It is not really possible to make both services. The problem is that there is limited space at Chunuk Bair. If you race up there after the Australian service at Lone Pine you will often find that you cannot get near enough to see anything. In previous years they have had a couple of big screens at Lone Pine that show the Chunuk Bair service.

At the end of the day it is lengthy, uncomfortable, frustrating and at times very cold but we are only away from the comfort of Istanbul one night. 36 hours away for a rewarding and humbling experience.

Note: Our tour of the Gallipoli Peninsular is subject to road closures by the Turkish authorities.

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