La Tomatina FAQ's

What is the entry ticket to La Tomatina all about?

The need for each person to have an entry ticket (wristband) was introduced by the City Council of Bunol in 2013. This is due to the massive growth of the numbers wanting to attend the festival. In 2012 it was estimated that there was 50,000 people there. We were there and it certainly felt like it and it was dangerous with that volume of people. After the event that year the Council engaged some experts who came up with the magic number of 20,000 people. This is the safe number of people to have in the street for the tomato fight.

So, since 2013 there has only been 20,000 entry tickets available so as to avoid a crush and other dangers on the town's small streets. Only people with the entry ticket (wrist band) will be allowed into Bunol on that day. PP Travel has secured limited number of entry passes and these are included in the cost of all our La Tomatina tour packages.

The result of the controlled numbers made the La Tomatina experience so much better than prior to 2013. It is far safer, less crowded and more fun. For La Tomatina you must ensure you book with an approved travel company, like PP Travel, who will supply your entry wristband. Without this, you can not enter Bunol and enjoy this world famous tomato fight.

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La Tomatina is the World's largest food fight. It's totally crazy. It's totally wild. It's out of control and an unbelievably fun experience. On the last Wednesday of August each year, the world-famous tomato throwing festival takes pl ... read more

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