Anzac Day Gallipoli FAQ's

Where is our accommodation in Istanbul before and after Anzac Day at Gallipoli?

All of our Istanbul accommodation is based in the wonderful Sultanahmet area - the only places to be in Istanbul. Cheers Hostel rooms are 6 or 8 bed (bunks) shared rooms. Cheers Hostel+, located across the lane from the Hostel are smaller twin and triple rooms with their own bathrooms. Our hotel packages are based in nearby modern hotels within a couple of minutes of Cheers Hostel. Breakfast is included with all accommodation packages.

All the major sites are in the Sultanahmet area; the Blue Mosque, Aya Sophia, the Grand Bazaar. Plus it is a clean, safe area with a fantastic selection of restaurants and nightlife. If you are on our 4 day tour local guides will take you to many of these special sites as well as the amazing underground cistern.

Choose from the highly rated, funky Cheers Hostel, Cheers Hostel+ or local modern Istanbul Hotel in this fabulous position to explore the amazing city of Istanbul.

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