Anzac Day Gallipoli

Start Planning our Visit to Gallipoli for the 2025 Dawn Service

Being at Gallipoli for the Dawn Service on Anzac Day where our forefathers landed in Turkey, creating the Anzac legend, will be a moment cherished by a privileged few.

PP Travel has just completed another series of very successful tours for the Dawn Service at Anzac Cover, where it again was the largest Australian/NZ owned and operated tour company. With the 110th anniversary of the landings occurring in 2025, it promises to be a very big event, so now is the time to start planning your pilgrimage to Gallipoli.

PP Travel is an Australian DVA recognised Anzac Day tour operator to Gallipoli. Join our highly acclaimed tours in a spirit of reverence and respect with our excellent value tour options. PP Travel is a 100% Aussie and Kiwi owned and operated tour company - and has been operating professionally organised tours since 1991 ... experience counts!

PP Travel aims to enhance the unique Gallipoli Dawn Service experience by providing our passengers with a good understanding of this infamous campaign - why/how/where. Armed with knowledge of the area and a dedicated crew, our tours of the Anzac zone along with Cape Helles, the point of the peninsula where the British landed, will help make sense of this very remote battleground that has become part of the national psychic of the Australian and New Zealand nations.

PP Travel consistently year after year offers and operates the most dedicated series of well-run, economical, and highly professional tours on Anzac Day, ensuring that its passengers get the most out their Gallipoli experience.

We join forces with our excellent local partners, to offer value land-based Anzac Day tours to Gallipoli on the 25th of April. Choose from 2 Day Overnight Trip or our 4 Day Tour that include accommodation in Istanbul before and after your overnight trip to Gallipoli.

All our tours start and finish in Istanbul, giving you the flexibility to organise your own flight to Turkey and then let us escort you to this most moving experience. With our 4 day tours, you do not have to check out on the night of the 24th when we head to Anzac Cove. PP Travel has booked these for all 3 nights, meaning you can leave your gear at our hotels while you overnight at Gallipoli.

Fully Qualified, local guides, along with our own highly experienced and dedicated PP Travel reps accompany you throughout the duration of your tour, giving you a combination of local knowledge with a touch of home. We use air-conditioned, non-smoking, coaches. We are based the famous Cheers Hostel - Turkey's hostel of the year for the 5th year and also offer good standard hotels next door to Cheers, which is in the heart of old Istanbul - Sultanahmet.

Please make sure you register and receive your Attendance Pass.

Anzac Day Gallipoli

Anzac Day Gallipoli Tours For 2025

2 Day Tour 2025

Only GBP£159 per person
Tour Dates - 24th to 25th Apr 2025
  • 100% Aussie/Kiwi Owned and Operated
  • Guided tour of Anzac Cove/North Beach/Lone Pine and Chunuk Bair
  • Thorough Gallipoli Peninsula tour - including Cape Helles and Turkish memorial
  • Entrance fees to escorted sites (where applicable)
  • Dawn Service and either Australian or New Zealand service
  • Souvenir Hoodie
  • Pre tour welcome meeting, BBQ and free Turkish show
  • Serivces of experience PP Travel Rep + local accredited Turkish Guide
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4 Day Tour 2025

From GBP£299 per person
Tour Dates - 23rd to 26th Apr 2025
  • 100% Aussie and Kiwi Owned and Operated
  • Choice of Hostel, Hostel+ or Hotel accommodation
  • Sultanahmet, Istanbul Accommodation on April 23rd and 25th
  • Bonus night on the 24th - Excess luggage can stay securely at accommodation
  • Entrance Fees to escorted sites (where applicable)
  • Fully guided tour of Gallipoli Peninsula including Cape Helles British Landings, Turkish Memorial, full Anzac area coverage
  • Dawn Service and either Australian or New Zealand service
  • Turkish Style breakfasts
  • Souvenir Hoodie
  • Welcome meeting, BBQ and free Turkish show
  • Serivces of experience PP Travel Rep + local accredited Turkish Guide
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