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Royal Ascots Royal Procession

In an age before television and photographs it was King George the 4th, a great lover of pomp and pageantry, that in 1825, decided to display his royal grandeur and travel to Ascot from Windsor amidst a magnificent and glorious procession.

The procession was such a huge hit, with the public and nobility alike, that it has now become synonymous with Royal Ascots success as the UK's premier race meeting.

It has not always been a procession of just UK Royals either with many other monarchs having been invited and taken part over the years. The most famous of these was in 2002 to mark the Queens Golden Jubilee, when there were eleven other European monarchs involved in the Royal procession that was greeted with a resounding ovation by the capacity crowd at Ascot.

Royal Ascots Royal Procession

In the modern era, the procession itself begins at Windsor Castle in motorcars led by the Queens own 1950 Rolls Royce Phantom IV. There is a changeover to carriages in Windsor Park and this event draws a great crowd itself with many people picnicking on the grass to glance a glimpse of their most loved royal.

Dressed in an Ascot livery inspired by the Royal Racing colours, the Royal carriages have always been drawn by grey horses since. Today's horses are likely to be descendants of those very Georgian horses themselves and each of them is personally named by the Queen herself.

At 2pm precisely each day of the Royal meeting, the procession makes its way onto the straight mile at Ascot and heads towards the parade ring, its destination, in the grandstand of Ascot Racecourse.

For some the procession is of far more importance than the horse racing itself.

PP Travels staff is always the very first group of people to greet the Queen and the Royals each year on the straight mile of Ascot and we believe the Queen always enjoys that first wave to her adoring fans in red.

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Posted: 06 May 2017 06:11:07 GMT by Mark
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