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7 Reasons to Attend the Royal Ascot Race Meeting

Royal Ascot and it's Royal Race meeting in mid-June each year has become an absolute must attend event for the upper classes, socialites, the rich and famous and the working classes alike and welcomes visitors from all walks of life to it's annual meeting.

Here's our list of why it continues to achieve remarkable success year after year and why Royal Ascot remains firmly entrenched in the British psyche as one of the highlights of the UK's social summer calendar.

1. The Heritage and Tradition
Queen Anne first identified the parcel of land that the current Ascot Racecourse stands on back in 1711 whist on an afternoon ride and declared the area ideal for horses to "gallop at full stretch" and on August 11th that year a race meeting was announced with the feature race being "Her Majesty's Plate". Worth 100 Guineas, this first race meeting was the beginning of a now long held equine tradition that ignites the passions of the English gentry and working classes alike and has become a "must-do" event on the UK's social calendar. The name Royal Ascot was attributed to the meeting in 1807 with the first running of The Gold Cup, which to this day still sees the winning connections receive a trophy forged from gold as part of their victorious rewards.

Royal Ascot is Like Nowhere Else

2. The Horses
The prestige associated with one of Britain's oldest race meetings means that Royal Ascot attracts some of the best horses from around the world to compete at the Berkshire track along with the cream of the crop of British entrants. Whilst the Royal Ascot prizemoney is not as impressive as some other race meetings about the globe the quality of horses is top notch with many Royal Ascot race entrants (and winners) coming from as far afield as Australia, China, Japan, Argentina and the USA, not to mention European entrants from France, Italy, Ireland and Germany all competing for the bragging rights of being victorious in front of royalty against some of the best horses on the planet.

3. The Fashions
As much about the quality of horses and racing so has Royal Ascot become evolved to become a millinery marvel showcasing stunning fashion masterpieces from top, upcoming and unknown designers from every corner of the earth. Bringing a magnificent sense of grandeur to the occasion Royal Ascot sees most people dressing to impress with a colourful, unique and amazing range of hats and dresses on offer as well as some of the most finely tailored gentlemen's suits on display anywhere. Fashions on the Field has become as important to some as any of the interest created by horses and royalty.

4. The Sing-A-Long
In the Queen Anne Enclosure at the completion of each days racing, and led by the Royal Welsh Guards each year, is the spectacle that has become the tradition of the bandstand sing-a-long. Performing well-known tunes of past and present the choir leads the crowd in an uplifting soiree of voice that ensures guests will leave the racetrack with smiles on their faces and positivity in their demeanour.

Royal Ascot Sing-a-Long in the Queen Anne Enclosure

5. The Entertainment
Royal Ascots newest Enclosure - The Village Enclosure - now keeps the energy and atmosphere of the party going until sunset on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the Royal Meeting with Live bands and DJ's entertaining the crowd long after the racing has finished for the day. Within each of the other enclosures there is also plenty going on with street performers, roving bands, stage shows and more all against the background of the magnificent Ascot Grandstand and amongst the very well dressed milling crowds.

6. The Food and Drink
From carpark breakfasts to fine dining Royal Ascot has your culinary needs well and truly covered. There are 15 different restaurants to choose from with creations from Michelin-starred chefs Simon Rogan and Phil Howard, as well as HIDE's Ollie Dabbousichelin. There are also a number of places to enjoy a quintessential English afternoon tea and dozens of take-away food outlets with prices to suit all budgets. As a bonus, if you have Windsor Ticket Enclosure entry you'll be able to take along your own picnics including a bottle of bubbly!

7. The Atmosphere
Royal Ascot invites a totally unique atmosphere to its track over the Royal meeting with an energy unparalleled by British sporting event standards. With every race there is a new ignition of buzz that sets the crowd afire and one can almost feel the electricity in the air. The live music, eclectic crowd, cold champagne, awesome food, fantastic fashions, magnificent horses and exciting wagering opportunities all combine to create an unbelievable character to the event that you will remember long after the day's proceedings have concluded.

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Posted: 14 May 2019 16:15:53 GMT by Mark
Royal Ascot 2025 - Provisional date: Tuesday 17th - Saturday 21st June (subject to change) Royal Ascot is without doubt one of the most glamorous race meetings in the world. The Royal event is one of the most social and colourful occasions ... read more

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