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6 Top Tips to Survive Your Day at Royal Ascot

6 Top Tips to Survive Your Day at Royal Ascot

To ensure you get the best out of your day and the entire Royal Ascot experience PP Travel has compiled a concise, yet very valuable information list, of our top tips to get you through the day in comfort, style and to see that you enjoy the day to it's fullest!
Royal Ascot is Like Nowhere Else

  1. Eat a Good Breakfast
    It may sound a bit parental but seriously, you must make sure you give yourself the best opportunity to last the day through, and the best kick-start is a good feed before you head off to Royal Ascot or off to any of the numerous pre-race events. This couldn't be more poignant than for those who plan on drinking most of the day.

  2. Wear/Have Comfy Shoes
    The majority of the day will be spent on your feet and there will inevitably be a lot of walking. So ladies, whilst most of you obviously won't be wearing flats at the start of the day, it would be very sensible to have a pair packed and in your handbag for later in the day after your fashionable heels become unbearable. And for the guys reading this, if you have bought new shoes just for this event perhaps pack a second pair of socks to avoid blisters if you are prone to them.

  3. Be Prepared for Unstable Weather
    Wind, rain, and glaring sun have all been experienced within the same day at Ascot so being ready for all types of weather is essential. Pack a small umbrella for protection against rain and sun and also make sure you have adequate clothing cover in case it turns chilly. Pashminas are a good lighter option for ladies as they can be carried and stored easily. Having a nice coat won't go astray for gentlemen and ladies either.

  4. Buy a Race Card
    If you plan to enjoy a small (or big) wager at Royal Ascot a race card is essential. These booklets will give you all the information you'll need to know about the races, jockeys, horses and anything else that maybe happening on the big day.

  5. Know Where Your Belongings are at All Times
    Royal Ascot is a very busy festival and Ascot is an extremely busy place over the racing carnival week. Make sure that you don't leave anything unattended and please don't flash your cash after a big win on an underdog. As with all large festivals and gatherings of people there is a small undesirable element that will have a presence in the crowd.

  6. Don't Drink Too Much
    The five-day Royal Ascot Race Meeting has a strict policy against racegoers who are intoxicated being able to remain in the enclosures or to even gain entrance in the first place. Drink in moderation and stay within your limits otherwise you may well ruin not only your day but your friends days also (not to mention people you may not even know). The last thing you want is to ruin your own outfit, the outfits of others and spend half your day in an Ascot bathroom.

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18 February 2019 19:13:25 GMT by Mark
Royal Ascot 2025 - Provisional date: Tuesday 17th - Saturday 21st June (subject to change) Royal Ascot is without doubt one of the most glamorous race meetings in the world. The Royal event is one of the most social and colourful occasions ... read more

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