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Red Wine and Coke - Are you Serious?

Commonly served in the hot months of the Spanish summer in one litre drinking glasses made of plastic, Kalimotxo, is a well-known drink in the North of the country composed of equal parts of red wine and cola.

Kalimotxo, Red Wine and Coke

Generally served over ice the liquid is often shared between drinkers especially during what is known as a botellon - or a street drinking gathering. We know these gatherings, of course, as FIESTAS, and Spain is the king of holding such street parties.

One story as to the drinks origin is that barmen at one of the "txosna" (Basque festival stand serving drinks), noticed that some red wine they had bought was in an inferior condition. To combat the sour taste of the wine (and to save themselves some money) they decided to kill the sour taste by mixing the wine with something else, in this case, cola. The inventors of the mixture named it after two friends named "Kalimero" (after the Calimero chicken character) and "Motxo", hence the name of the drink became "Kalimotxo" and was adopted throughout Spain.

In the heat of the Spanish summer at the Festival of San Fermin or perhaps at the Batalla del Vino, the staff of PP Travel often like to satiate their thirst with a Kalimotxo or two, sit in the shade and shoot the breeze.

The drink certainly comes highly recommended. Good times.

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Posted: 06 May 2017 09:06:17 GMT by Shane

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