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La Tomatina turns sleepy BUNOL red in late August

With a normal population of just 9,000 inhabitants you can just imagine the party atmosphere as 25,000 or more revellers descend on sleepy Bunol for the traditional tomato battle of La Tomatina which is held on the last Wednesday in August each year.

One hundred metric tonnes of over-ripe tomatoes are dumped into the streets by Lorry and a massive food fight ensues. The old town streets run red with tomato puree and pulp for a couple of hours then it's all washed away and Bunol is washed cleaned up as though nothing had happened and the tomato battle of La Tomatina had never occurred.

Lasting traditionally for only 1 hour La Tomatina is by far the messiest festival you will ever attend and sometimes tomato can still be found days later hiding in the most secretive of body parts (we're talking about ears here of course).

If you would like to experience the thrill and excitement of the tomato battle of La Tomatina in the company of other like minded travellers in the best possible environment, then make sure you choose a reputable tour company to travel to Valencia and Bunol with.

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Posted: 01 July 2008 00:00:01 GMT by Mark
Unfortunately the Mayor of Bunol has announced that La Tomatina 2021 will not go ahead because of COVID-19. If you have a booking with us, you will now or soon have an email from us offering you a full refund or transfer of booki ... read more

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