La Tomatina 2010 Travel Advice

Its small (population of just 9000).

Its distant (lying 38kms west of the city of Valencia in Spain).

It attracts 30,000+ visitors on just one day of the year for the now world famous La Tomatina tomato throwing festival.

Its BUNOL in the province of Valencia in Spain.

But how does this mass of people manage to descend on this tiny hamlet on the last Wednesday of August each year to pelt friend and foe with over ripe tomatoes?

Well take note and we shall tell you exactly how.....

The best way to venture accross for the festival from the UK is clearly by air. IBERIA is usually the best bet although you can now get there on a number of cheaper budget airlines departing from different cities in the UK although IBERIA still has the best times and most departures.

Once you get to Valencia (where most people who visit the Tomatina Festival stay) it is an easy cab ride into anywhere accross the city. There are also trains and buses that depart from the airport although cabs are fairly cost effective and much more hassle less of course

In terms of getting to Bunol itself on the morning of the tomato throwing most people either take a coach/bus or they take the train.

Many travel companies to La tomatina operate out of Europe with most being based in London.

Here at PP Travel we strive to bring you the best possible La Tomatina experience on the planet with parties, transfers, souvenir t-shirts, tour guides and top quality hotels as standard in all our packages.

If you are thinking of heading to Bunol to pelt your mates with over rip tomatoes, then we hope you think PP and we hope to see you there.

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