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Tomatina 2010 Dress and Accessories Guide

The Tomatina tomato fight is a messy and sometimes rough affair. Though there are few genuine injuries (unlike at the Pamplona Bull Run at San Fermin), there are many people who head home with bruises and torn clothes and in some cases - no clothes. These tips on what to wear to the Tomatina tomato Fight will hopefully help to ensure you enjoy your day as much as possible and don't go home disappointed.

  • Wear clothes you will expect to throw away. It is very rare that you will end up going home in the clothes you wore into the tomato battle.
  • Take a plastic bag containing your clean clothes for after the battle is complete. You can pay for storage, leave on the coach or hide somewhere for retrieval at a later time in the day. If you travelled to Bunol on the train always remember you cannot get back on the train without a shirt. You could take no spare clothes at all but you may be required to buy a new shirt afterwards to get back on a return train or coach to Valencia where most people stay (there is little accommodation in Bunol itslef).
  • Find somewhere to wash off after the tomato battle. There are temporary showers set up near to the train station in Bunol and many many people have taps flowing and hoses going from their front yards and balconies in the town.
  • Girls should wear a sports bra to protect their modesty. Full-body swimming costumes are even better. There are rare occassion where unscrupulous guys in the crowd attempt to rip shirts of women. Minimise this risk by wearing tight fitting shirts or full body swimsuits. Bikin's could certainly be asking for trouble if you are in the wrong place in the middle of the tomato battle.
  • Flip flops, thongs (for the Aussies out there) or loose sandals are a big no. Open-toed sandals with straps are the best if you want to wash them and wear them again, but you're going to want protection against stamping feet! Buy a cheap pair of shoes or wear an old pair you are going to throw away.
  • Avoid bringing jewelry, hats, sunglasses, keys, cell phones and always remember that whatever you bring - be prepared to lose it!

Hope this short guide helps and so long as you remember that the bottom line regarding what to bring to the Tomatina tomato fight is to bring as little as possible! With the amount of pushing and pulling going on, you are bound to either lose something or have your goods damaged. That is not to mention the effect the tomatoes will have on wallets, paper money, etc (as well as the slight possibility of pickpockets).

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Happy travels one and all and hope to see you on the road somewhere in 2010.

Posted: 16 March 2010 09:25:51 GMT by Mark
La Tomatina is the World's largest food fight. It's totally crazy. It's totally wild. It's out of control and an unbelievably fun experience. On the last Wednesday of August each year, the world-famous tomato throwing festival takes pl ... read more

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