Hogmanay in Edinburgh Safety Information

Here at PP Travel safety is always of the highest importance on each and every one of our tours. Luckly for us, in regards to our Hogmanay Tour, the council in Edinburgh provides the very best of medical and safety staff for the Hogmanay celebrations throughout the city and cover all the designated Hogmanay events.

G4S EVENTS has been supplying security and stewarding to the Edinburghs Hogmanay festival, including the Street Party since it began in 1993. Their first priority is to make it a night to remember for all the right reasons.

G4S personnel are responsible for entrances, thoroughfares and exits to help you enter, walk around the site easily and safely, and help you leave by the most appropriate route. They will check you have a ticket to manage the number of people entering the Street Party arena and to create a place suitable for everyone to enjoy the festivities. If they do not ley you in because you've had too much to drink, please remember, this is for your own safety not because we want to spoil your fun.

Look out for for the yellow jackets worn by the G4S staff which are highly visible and they will do everything they can to assist you should you have any need. Hogmanay organisers and Edinburgh City Council want you to be safe and enjoy yourselves and as such G4S staff will do their very best to answer your questions, help you out if you have a problem or point you in the right direction if you get lost.

Hope you have a very happy and safe Hogmanay, wherever you may be

See you on the 31st!

Posted: 13 June 2010 01:09:52 GMT by MarkBilled as the "World's Best New Year Celebrations!" - Edinburgh's Hogmanay certainly has a right to claim to be the "home" of New Year's Eve. It is not only one of the largest street festivities in Europe but it is also one of the premier New Year parties on the planet! Our excellent non-stop Hogmanay party tour hosts a full program of exclusive events and parties. Find out more about Hogmanay.

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