Oktoberfest in Munich - A Brief History

Munichs Oktoberfest originated in 1810 as an organised horse race to celebrate the royal wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig (later King Ludwig I) and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen.

But everyone apparently enjoyed the drinking a lot more, and had such a great time they decided to do it all again the following year.

Sadly the horse race has long since be consigned to the history books but the beer certainly isn't and neither are those willing to drink it. However, having said that, for the 200th anniversary, there will be a horse race in historical costumes again on opening day but it is doubted that it will again become a tradition.

Oktoberfest (with a k, not Octoberfest) is officially the worlds biggest party drawing about six million visitors a year to the Bavarian city of Munich in southern Germany.

The action takes place on Munichs fairgrounds, (offically called the Theresienwiese, informally, d'Wiesn), which is a 42 hectare site south-west of the city's Main Train Station.

Beer is served in 1 litre glasses called Mass and the price of beer in 2010 is expected to be between 8.30Euro and 8.90Euro per Mass.

Whilst this is the 200th official anniversary of the first Oktoberfest it is not the 200th Oktoberfest as such because since its beginnings the Oktoberfest has thus been cancelled 24 times due to war, disease and other emergencies.

Are you game?? If so we certainly hope to see you there again in 2010, its going to be AWESOME yet again.

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