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One month to go to Tomato mayhem in Bunol, Spain

Many people have been calling us in the PP Travel office concerned about the prices of flights into Valencia for the La Tomatina festival which is on August 26th this year. Whilst some of the prices have lifted, there are still great value flights to be found if you are prepared to travel earlier and return later or are prepared to travel on non-direct routes. Even so, the current direct flight prices into Valencia itself for a couple of days, are not over the top as yet. Make no mistake however, they soon will be.

We believe the absolute best search engine for flights in Europe is opodo.com. Opodo was created by the biggest airlines in Europe and definitely has the most direct route options to Valencia from all departure destinations.

There are also a number of low cost airlines that fly into Valencia the biggest of which would be easyjet.com and of course ryanair.com.

Travelling from the airport in Valencia to any accommodation centre is now very easy with the new METRO train system that runs from Valencia airport into Valencia city itself with connections across the Valencian underground network.

PP Travel still has a number of options available for this brilliant and messy festival. Check out the PP Travel website for our great value La Tomatina tour options.

Happy travels one and all and hope to see you on the road somewhere in 2009.

p.s. remember Oktoberfest is just around the corner - see Oktoberfest Daily Countdown and find out exactly how many days there are until the biggest festival of them all in Munich.

Posted: 23 July 2009 13:03:00 GMT by Mark
La Tomatina is the World's largest food fight. It's totally crazy. It's totally wild. It's out of control and an unbelievably fun experience. On the last Wednesday of August each year, the world-famous tomato throwing festival takes pl ... read more

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