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ANZAC Gallipoli Special Part 4 - Tubb, Dunstan and Burton - Australia

Of all the Australian Victoria Cross winners during the Gallipoli campaign one action stands out as remarkable in that 3 servicemen received the award for combined action in the conflict.

Here is the excerpt of citation as reported in the London Gazette on 15th October 1915.

For most conspicuous bravery at Lone Pine Trenches, on the 9th August 1915. In the early morning the enemy made a determined counter-attack on the centre of the newly captured trench held by Lieutenant Tubb, Corporal Burton, Corporal Dunstan and a few men. They advanced up a sap and blew in a sandbag barricade, leaving only one foot of it standing, but Lieutenant Tubb, with the two Corporals, repulsed the enemy and rebuilt the barricade. Supported by strong bombing parties, the enemy twice again succeeded in blowing in the barricade, but on each occasion thee were repulsed and the barricade rebuilt, although Lieutenant Tubb was wounded in the head and arm and Corporal Burton was killed by a bomb whilst most gallantly building up the parapet under a hail of bombs.

This stands as the most VCs ever awarded for a single action involving Australians in any conflict.

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Mark Minehan, PP Travel, London

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Posted: 14 March 2010 09:46:35 GMT by Mark
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