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ANZAC Gallipoli Special Part 5 - Henare Wepiha Te Wainohu, New Zealand

Henare Wepiha Te Wainohu from Mohaka in Hawke's Bay was the chaplain to the Maori Contingent and was at Gallipoli when the Maori Contingent was sent to reinforce the New Zealand troops in July of 1915.

On 6 August when the Maori Battalion were sent into battle at Sari Bair, Te Wainohu was with the men. On the eve of the battle he preached a sermon and encouraged the soldiers to be fearless in battle and not to turn their backs on the enemy, he reminded them of their duty to uphold the warrior tradition of the Maori saying; 'remember you have the mana , the honour and the good name of the Maori people in your keeping this night'.

He risked his life many times on many occasions here at this place and along with the medical officer, Major Peter Buck, he carried out the wounded, distributed water, and comforted the dying - often under very heavy fire.

He was wounded in the back in September 1915. After the evacuation of Gallipoli, Te Wainohu accompanied the New Zealand Pioneer Battalion, into which the contingent had been integrated, to France.

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Posted: 27 March 2010 19:40:16 GMT by Mark
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