Haro Wine Fight - Batalla Del Vino - The battle of the wine in Haro, Spain is a Spanish fiesta like no other.

Haro Wine Fight - Batalla Del Vino

It is messy, wet, hot and sticky but undoubtedly exuberant, crazy, juvenile and magnificent. Seriously, it's pure superfluous fun and frivolity in a totally unique location. This is an event everyone should aim to tick off their travelling wish list. Let PP show you the best way to experience this unique one of a kind festival. This is partying Spanish style at its best.

* Add a Pamplona Package to your Haro stay and get a £40 discount.

Summary of Tour Options for Haro Wine Fight (2017)

From £99.00
Tour Dates: 28th to 30th Jun 2017
* Add a Pamplona Package to your Haro stay and get a £40 discount.

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Tour Dates: 28th to 30th Jun 2017

green tick2 nights camping accommodation in Haro's premium campsitegreen tickTwin share or single occupancy tents (supplement applies to single occupancy). green tickAll tents come with air mattresses.green tick2 x Continental Breakfastsgreen tick1 x Brunch after wine fightgreen tickBBQ welcome party at the campsite and all night party in Haro's town squaregreen tickLocal transport to and from the wine fightgreen tickExperienced PP Travel Tour Guide to ensure you get the most from the Batalla del Vino.

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Event and PP Tour Information

Join PP in Haro in the Rioja region of Spain from the 28th of June at what is one of the most unique, messy and memorable festivals you will ever attend, La Batalla del Vino de Haro or the Haro Wine Fight.

Let the experienced team at PP Travel lead you right into the heart of the action to ensure you get the most of this short, but exuberant experience. Our fully trained crew will have you completely prepared for the wine battle and will advise as to how to get the very best out of this festival at the campsite, in the town of Haro itself and of course, at the wine battle.

Choosing who you travel with to the Batalla del Vino (Haro Wine Fight) is of such importance. The actual awesome but crazy wine fight lasts only about two hours with about 2500 people attending the festival in Spain in 2016. Due to our experienced team whether wanting to be in the middle of the carnage or experiencing it a bit more on the side lines, we are certain all our passengers got the most out this unbelievable event.

The event itself is not actually ticketed (at this time) but its popularity is growing each and every year and there are limited accommodations in the town of Haro so its advisable to book early to ensure you don't miss the opportunity to attend the Haro Wine Fight.

PP's Batalla del Vino tours are not only the best value around starting at just £99; we offer comfortable camping accommodation (air mattress included) in the premium Haro campsite and provide the best advice you can receive in regards to the event and the town but most of all, we are dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of the wild Battle of the Wine.

Choose either our twin share or single occupancy camping accommodation both with air mattresses included. Tours include local transfers to the Batalla de Vino which depart and return from right near the campsite. The night before the wine fight PP hosts a welcome BBQ at the campsite with beer and sangria included, followed by a walk into Haro's old town square where the incredible pre-party is hosted with all night live music and dj's. We also include breakfast daily, a brunch on the day of the wine fight itself,

Put your trust in the PP Haro Wine Fight team and we will ensure you get right amongst it all and get the most out of this crazy, amazing experience.

The Wine Fight
The Haro Wine Fight takes place in Haro, a small town of approximately 12,000 people located right in the centre of the Rioja area of Spain. The event is a one-day, in fact, one morning only happening, that occurs on the 29th of June each year. It is short, sharp, crazy and awesome fun. Most combatants adorn the traditional red and white garb, then at 7am on the 29th, follow the mayor of Haro (who is on horseback) on a 5km procession out of town, up into the cliffs of Bilibio, to the Hermitage of San Felices (now days the local council puts on buses to transfer everyone up and down the cliffs).There are water trucks filled with wine, kegs and barrels filled with wine, buckets, wheelbarrows, kayaks, canoes, water pistols, cups, balloons, hands and just about any type of vessel you can think of, all filled with wine. A flag is then ceremoniously located and a short mass is endured before red, wet carnage ensues and everyone covers each other with wine. There are wine soaked bands playing traditional Spanish music and an amazing atmosphere of excitement, fun and exuberance.

PP passengers will then return to town and the camp to clean themselves up, jump in the pool, have brunch and perhaps rest up for the evenings festivities in Haro again.

There are, in fact, no actual rules laid out for the Haro Wine Fight so common sense would be the key indicator as to how you should approach the wine fight. Probably don't do to others that you yourself would not want done to you, respect that this is a local festival and above all have fun. This wine soaked fiesta and associated events occur year after year without major incident.

The Batalla del Vino is nationally recognised event in Spain so attending should be considered mandatory if you are in this part of Europe! This is an exclusive, non-massive tourist fiesta and is like nothing else in the world. A great tradition of the magnificent wine region of La Rioja, Spain. Be a part of it.

* Add a Pamplona Package to your Haro stay and get a £40 discount.


Camping in Haro - Staying at Haro's premium campsite - Camping de Haro

If you are planning to do a camping tour to Haro there is only one place to stay - Camping de Haro the premium camping ground in the area. It is a very vibrant and exciting atmosphere in the campsite where several different tour operators will be based and partying. This huge camp is just 1km away from the centre of the old town of Haro where much of the festivities occur.

You will find all types of services provided at the Haro campsite where you will have first-class facilities to enjoy. Some of the facilities we have are: Free hot water for showers and other services. Two buildings with sanitary facilities, adapted for use by the disabled. There is drinking water at all the water outlets. The campsite has lovely shaded areas, ideal for large groups. There is a swimming-pool for adults and another one for children, a children's Games Park, Public telephone, basic essentials, ice and camping gas, automatic washing machines, easy-access for large vehicles, car-wash and chemical toilet emptying facilities. Credit cards admitted. Internet WI-FI connection.

We offer superior camping accommodation-only packages for the Batalla del Vino where our staff will stay on site with you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Haro Wine Fight

What tours do we offer?

What tours do we offer? PP Travel offers premium camping tours to Haro in twin share tents. Single tents can also be booked but there is supplement payment for singe occupancy. We also offer a SPECIAL Haro/Pamplona Party Combo with discounts if bot tours are booked. close

What's included in the price?

What's included in the price? This is a land only tour so there are no travel arrangements involved in getting you to and from Haro. We provide twin share camping accommodation (single available with supplement payment), air mattresses, 2 x continental breakfasts, 1 x bbq dinner with welcome drinks, 1 x brunch, Wine fight, Town square all night pre-party and of course experienced PP Travel staff. close

How do I get to Haro?

How do I get to Haro? Haro is very easy to get to from most major cities in the North of the country and there are several ways to get there. The easiest, by far, is to fly into Bilbao in the North of Spain then transfer to Haro either by bus or train. The bus leaves every hour or so from the central Bilbao bus station and trains run three times a day from the train station. Tickets can be booked online easily. You can book flights through our website, or with any travel agent. There are also direct bus connections from Logrono, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Pamplona, Zaragoza, San Sebastian, and other regional cities in the North. It takes only one or two hours to get to Haro from most of these places. Buses and trains also run to Barcelona although the commute is over five hours on that route.

Availability (if booked reasonably early) to Bilbao is good and flights are quite competitive. From London airports EasyJet fly from Stanstead to Bilbao, British Airways from Heathrow and Vueling from Gatwick.

Hire cars are very inexpensive in Spain so you could also easily pick up a hire car from Bilbao Airport and drive the 1 hour to Haro. There would be a campsite parking fee if utilising this option however.


Can I book extra nights?

Can I book extra nights? PP Travel can organise an extra nights accommodation prior to the Haro Wine Fight on the evening of the 27th of June at a cost of £40 per person (single tent £60 per person) but unfortunately we cannot offer further nights accommodation after the tour is completed on June 30th. close

What should I bring and wear?

What should I bring and wear? Before you depart, make sure you have your passport and your booking confirmation. The weather should be hot and sunny, so bring your swimming attire, towel, and sun cream. But be warned: it can get cool late at night - so also bring a light jacket or top.
For the actual day of the wine fight, you must firstly remember what ever you wear on the day is almost certain to be thrown away. The traditional garb is white and red and most people will be dressed in total white with red scarves and sashes as accessories. close

What is the campsite at Haro like?

What is the campsite at Haro like? The campsite where PP Travel is based in Haro is well grassed, leafy, in a great spot on the river Tiron and has very good amenities. There are ample bathrooms and showers, a shop, restaurant, swimming pool and is only a short walk into the old town of Haro itself. close

What happens if I need to cancel?

What happens if I need to cancel? As all deposits are non-refundable for the Haro Wine Fight tour you will lose at least this amount if you cancel. Please note that bookings and names are not transferable. If you have paid in full, refunds (if any) due will depend upon when we receive your written cancellation by letter or email and will be bound by our booking conditions. close

Is the Haro Wine Fight dangerous?

Is the Haro Wine Fight dangerous? The Batalla del Vino, like all our holidays are party tours which suit outward going, energetic young people. As is written in our booking conditions, often large quantities of alcohol are consumed. Please consider whether this is the right sort of holiday for you before you book. This should especially be considered by families if they are considering booking. There is no age restriction on our tours, but parents and guardians are urged to consider the above before booking on any children. Also we are restricted by local laws in regarding access to minors to any planned events that involves alcohol.

The Haro wine fight itself is not inherently crowded and dangerous. Passengers are very likely to experience some mild crazy behaviour however. Naturally these events are suited for adults. As per our full booking conditions, participation is entirely at your own choice and risk. You are responsible for your own safety and well being.

We do not encourage you to engage in any dangerous activity or to drink excessively. We cannot accept responsibility if you drink too much or engage in dangerous activities and suffer injury, illness, death, loss or damage as a result. We cannot be responsible if minors are booked on any tours and are similarly injured or prevented from entry to any events involved in a tour. close

Do I need travel insurance?

Do I need travel insurance? The Haro Wine Fight should be no different to taking any other trip in Europe or elsewhere worldwide and of course you should ensure you have adequate travel insurance cover. close

The PP Haro Wine Fight Experience

The PP Haro Wine Fight (Batalla del Vino) Experience

Our passion for parties and fiestas goes back over twenty years when we first embarked on our great series of festival tours. We have always believed in a serious party at PP - that is a tour that is run very professionally with fun, experienced and dedicated crew.

It is this experience, we believe, that will make all the difference to your own experience at the Haro Wine Fight. This is not a massive sprawling 16-day festival, like Munich's Oktoberfest or the 8 days of San Fermin celebrations at Pamplona. No, this fiesta is all about a few hours of total madness up a mountain outside the town of Haro. You need to be totally prepared to get the most out of the festival - and that is where our PP crew come in.

Our experienced team at PP will be with you all the way at the campsite, at the pre-party in the old town of Haro and at the Batalla del Vino itself. We'll be in the middle of the festivities at the heart of the action on the wine fight day to ensure you get the most of this short, but wild experience. Our fully trained crew will have you completely prepared for the wine battle so you can rest assured that you'll have the best of times with PP crew at your side.

Choosing who you travel with to any festival is of such importance and our 26 years of operating experience puts PP in a great position of trust and reliability. The actual awesome but crazy fight lasts just hour and without proper preparation and advice you can miss the event entirely. Whether wanting to be in the middle of the carnage or experiencing it a bit more on the sidelines, we are certain all our passengers will get the most out this unbelievable event. And with the event getting bigger and bigger each year, the leadership you will get from the PP crew is now even more valuable.

Naturally, to operate a tour of this kind, you must be totally organised and professional as a company. This is why, each year, thousands of passengers put their trust in PP at Royal Ascot, Oktoberfest and San Fermin and the Running of the Bulls - and at the Haro Wine Fight it will again, be no different.

From start to finish our experienced team will be with you the whole way to ensure you are ready and get the most of this once in a lifetime fiesta - we can't wait to serve you in Spain.