Hogmanay - New Years in Edinburgh 2013/14

Hogmanay - New Years in Edinburgh 2013/14

The non stop party tour. Choose from coach, high-speed train or accom packages

Billed as the "World's Best New Year Celebrations!" - Edinburgh's Hogmanay certainly has a right to claim to be the "home" of New Year's Eve. It is not only one of the largest street festivities in Europe but it is also one of the premier New Year parties on the planet! Our excellent non-stop Hogmanay party tour hosts a full program of exclusive events and parties. Our 2013/14 tours are selling fast. Book now for the best choice of hotels!

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There is only one place to celebrate the 2013/14 New Year in Europe and that's at the "home" of New Years Eve - Edinburgh. "Hogmanay" as it is known locally, has always been much more than an excuse to have a party for the Scots. It is more of a 'national festival' that has to been seen to be believed. The New Years Eve party in Edinburgh is always the biggest and most spectacular in Europe - and Hogmanay 2013 is going to be massive! PP Travel's Hogmanay Tours are renowned as the biggest and best - join us for the party tour of a lifetime!

With our Hogmanay packages you firstly choose which of our 3 central accommodation centres suits you best. Then your mode of transport to Edinburgh: either PP coach from London, high-speed train from Kings Cross or make your own way to Scotland and join our accommodation only package.

  • Includes exclusive pre-Hogmanay party at Edinburgh's top late night venue - The Espionage.
  • Includes our famous Kiwi/Aussie/SA New Years party held at one of Edinburgh's best venue's the Three Sisters Pub - beginning late morning on the 31st (for NZ new year) and running well into the afternoon (WA new year). A great way to warm up for a huge evening.
  • Includes Hogmanay street party pass.
  • Includes Braveheart country excursion to Stirling.
  • Includes New Years Day party at Frankenstein's - another top night club venue.
  • Choose from return coach tour, our return high-speed train packages or Accommodation Only packages.
  • Choice of quality city centre hotels or our 5-star hostel - all include breakfast except Jurys.

Top Choice of Cental Edinburgh Accommodation
We offer different styles of accommodation to suit your taste and budget. Choose from either top class hotels right in the very heart of Edinburgh or our great hostel tour, based in Edinburgh's new 1st class city hostel, only 5-10 min walk to the centre. You can combine coach tours, high-speed train tours or accommodation only packages with all our accommodation centres. All hotel tours are for 4 days and range from £279 - £449 per person, depending on where you stay and what size room you have. You can even stay in the top class Jury's Inn Hotel (3 sharing a room) for only £279pp.

Accommodation and Party Packages
Making your own way to Scotland? Then why not join the PP Tour in Edinburgh. We include all the tours, parties, passes and accommodation - and you pay £60 less than full coach tours. PP staff will be at the hotels all day so can help or answer any questions. Look out for us in our bright red clothing!

High Speed Train Option
Travel by scheduled high-speed National Express East Coast train and you'll cut the coach journey time in half!
Exact train times to be confirmed in early October (when timetables are released by National Rail). Trains to leave Kings Cross approx. 0900 on 30 December, arriving early afternoon in Edinburgh. Departing around noon on 2 January.
We include all the tours, parties, passes and accommodation for £50 more than our standard coach tours!
A PP rep will travel with you to Edinburgh where you will be meet by our ground staff who will escort you the short walk to your hotel.


Our Hogmanay tours are based around your choice of accommodation centres. You can choose to travel to Edinburgh either by coach or high speed train and then link this with one of fabulous city centre hotels/hostels. You can also make your own way to Edinburgh, book accommodation only at one of our centres and then join all the parties and tours.

Jurys Inn
Great value accommodation in a state-of-the-art modern hotel - also in a superb position - adjacent to historic Royal Mile, opposite the main station and a couple minutes walk to Princes St. Jurys Inn has large modern rooms with all mod-cons, including satellite TV etc. It also has its own pub, where we hold pre and post street parties - plus its own restaurant. At Jurys the price depends upon how you share your room.
Twin/double room: Accom only £269. Coach tour £359. Train tour: £409
Triple room costs: Accom only £269. Coach tour £329. Train tour: £379. Triple rooms consist of a double and single bed.
Jurys Inn on Google Maps

Royal British Hotel
There is no better position in Edinburgh than this - right in the heart of the city, on the world famous Princes Street!! Yes, the Royal British is situated right where ALL the action is: The city's main street, adjacent to the train station, grand views of the castle plus inside the restricted area of Hogmanay's Street Party. This grand hotel has its own restaurant and bar which offer a stunning views of the old town which is particularly spectacular at night. This is doing Hogmanay in style and it is definitely worth the price. But be quick, rooms here are always the first to be sold.
Twin/Double room costs: Accom only: £329. Coach tour: £389. Train tour: £439
Single rooms costs: Accom only: £379. Coach tour: £439. Train tour: £489
Triple room costs:. Accom only: £309. Coach tour: £369. Train tour: £419
Royal British on Google Maps

Edinburgh Central - 5 Star SYHA Hostel
Why stay in a hotel when you can enjoy New Years Eve Edinburgh in the city's finest hostel - the SYHA's £10million flagship - Edinburgh Central. Situated on Leigh Walk, a short walk from Princes St, this superb facility offers twins, triples, quads and larger rooms - all with private facilities. It comes with its own restaurant, bar and we include continental buffet breakfasts daily.
Accom only: £249. Coach tour: £309. Train tour: £359
Edinburgh Central Hostel on Google Maps

Frequently Asked Questions about Hogmanay

What type of tours do we offer?

What type of tours do we offer? We run coach, high speed train and accommodation only tours to New Years Eve in Edinburgh, the cost of which are based on the type of accommodation you chose. Our fabulous modern hostel has 4 day hostel tours. The 4-day tour leaves London on the morning of December 30 and returns on the evening of January 2. Our high speed train packages (only £50 more than coach tours) are booked on high speed National Express East Coast (formerly GNER) services from Kings Cross. You will be met by PP reps in Edinburgh and escorted to your hotel.

Our coach tours depart besides the Thames River, by Embankment tube also on the morning of 30 December and travel back during the day on 2 January.

We also offer accommodation and party packages - ideal for those already travelling in Scotland or who plan to fly to Hogmanay Edinburgh. Meet the tour at your hotel on December 30 and then join the party for the next three/four nights. Hogmanay Accommodation only passengers are free to join all PP tours and functions. We include everything except the journey from London and back. Deduct £60 off the coach tour price for the accommodation and party package. close

What are the different accommodation venues like?

What are the different accommodation venues like? There are obvious differences between hostels and classy central hotels - we deliberately offer a variety of styles on our Hogmanay Tours to suit different tastes and budgets. All are friendly - and you are sure to get a warm Scottish welcome. All are walking distance from Princes St (the heart of the city). For full details on each venue, please see our accommodation pages. close

Do I need a Street Party pass?

Do I need a Street Party pass? You must have a street party pass to enter the huge Princes St Edinburgh New Years Eve party. PP Travel will supply a pass for each Hogmanay passenger. Princes St is blocked off at dusk on December 31 in an effort to control numbers. Only those with tickets sold by Edinburgh's City Council official Hogmanay organisation will be allowed entry. Your pass will be given to you on the coach/train to Edinburgh or will be left at your hotel. close

What is included in the price?

What is included in the price? We do not believe in "optional extras" at PP Travel. Our Hogmanay Tours include return coach transport from London to Edinburgh, your central accommodation and breakfast (except in Jury's Hotel), our exclusive pre-New Years party at the Espionage - Edinburgh's top Nightclub, our famous Kiwi/Oz/SA New Year celebration party, as well as the Princes St New Years Eve party pass. We also include our "Braveheart" countryside excursion to Stirling on the first (note, if you choose to enter Stirling Castle, the admission is not included) and our New Years Day party at Frankenstein's pub that evening. You also get the services of your PP courier and driver. Basically all you have to budget on is your meals (apart from breakfast) and your drinking money!!! close

How do I book?

How do I book? To make a Hogmanay Edinburgh booking, you can either book on line, email us or call our office to reserve your seats. You can pay on line through our secure payment gateway, come into the office and pay in person, post a cheque, pay over the phone using your credit card, or do a direct credit to our UK account. Credit card payments will incur an extra bank charge of 2.5 per cent. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure payment reaches us by that time, or that we are notified if there are any problems. Full payment for the tour is required by November 21st. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, AND BOOKINGS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE!! Our bookings conditions outline refunds payable on cancellations. close

What parties does PP offer?

What parties does PP offer? On New Years Eve we start the party early and meet up at one of the city's best central venues, the Three Sisters Pub. Here all PP passengers come to celebrate our Antipodean New Year together in "Down Under time". At 11am (midnight in New Zealand) the first bottles of bubbly erupt and at 1pm (midnight in Oz) we have another go. There are even further celebrations for the South Austrian New Year (1.30pm), Queensland New Year (2pm), Northern Territory New Year (2.30pm) and the West Aussie New Year (4pm). South Africans aren't forgotten ... we have early celebrations to make up for the fact that midnight in SA is 10pm here. We finish the party at dusk and have you back in Princes Street shortly after 4pm so you have the whole evening free to celebrate with thousands of mad Scots! close

What excursions does PP offer?

What excursions does PP offer? In an attempt to clear your heads, we offer an excursion to "Braveheart" country on New Years Day to the town of Stirling. You will be taken to the impressive and historic Stirling Castle, perched high above the lowlands, with impressive vistas of the distance highlands and the Wallace Memorial. You may choose visit the royal apartments (entry not included) or just admire the view. close

What do we need to bring?

What do we need to bring? Nothing special except for lots of very warm clothes and your party boots, naturally. There are no dress restrictions at any of our party venues. close

What are the coaches like?

What are the coaches like? All our coaches are fitted with TV/video, stereo, toilets and air conditioning. Drinks will be available on the coach. All coach tours depart from Embankment, by the Thames River, opposition Embankment tube station. Our Hostel and Hotel coach tours depart the next morning on December 30th. All are non-smoking, however we have regular stops along the way. Each coach has an experienced courier to assist passengers. close

What are the trains like?

What are the trains like? We have a special Hogmanay Tour group bookings high-speed National Express trains that depart Kings Cross on 30 December and returns from Edinburgh on 2 January. Most carriages hold 80 passengers and usually we are all seated in a group. A PP rep will meet you at Kings Cross and travel with you to Edinburgh and back. Upon arriving in the Scottish capital you will be greeted by our ground staff who will walk you to your chosen accommodation venue.

High Speed Train Option
Travel by scheduled high-speed National Express East Coast train and you'll cut the coach journey time in half!
Exact train times to be confirmed in early October (when timetables are released by National Rail). Trains to leave Kings Cross approx. 0900 on 30 December, arriving early afternoon in Edinburgh. Departing around noon on 2 January.
We include all the tours, parties, passes and accommodation for £50 more than our standard coach tours! Reserve your seat now. A PP rep will travel with you to Edinburgh where you will be meet by our ground staff who will escort you the short walk to your hotel.

What happens if I need to cancel?

What happens if I need to cancel? As all deposits are non-refundable you will lose at least this amount if you cancel. Please note that bookings and names are not transferable. If you have paid in full you may lose more than the deposit depending upon when we receive your written cancellation instructions. close

The PP Hogmanay Experience

For all of us at "PP-land", big parties and festivals have certainly become a way of life. And when it comes to running tours to these many great events, there is always one that gives us the greatest pride - and that is New Year's Eve in Edinburgh.

Hogmanay 2013/14 will be our 23rd New Year's Eve tour in the Scottish capital - and we can't wait to return, mainly because we know our tour turns for what is for most revellers, a short amazing event (New Year's on Princes St) into something that is both massive and truly special. In short, we have created a 4-day party and a marathon New Year's Eve event that you will always remember.

Also with PP you have the choice of how you want to do Hogmanay with three different type of tours and three different central accommodation centres. Travel to Scotland from London either by coach or train. Or do your own thing and meet us in Edinburgh and using one of our accommodation only packages.

Our Four Day Non-Stop Party Tour
New Years Eve Edinburgh with PP is not only HUGE; it is quite a special day. We start the party first thing in the morning with our famous Kiwi/Aussie/SA New Year's celebrations. At 11am and 1pm we crack the bubbly for midnight back in NZ and Oz, then party on well into the afternoon crossing the Aussie time zones until the WA New Year. At dusk it's your turn to join the thousands of mad Scots for the biggest street party in Europe - a real marathon. Will you make it to midnight? AND - it is not just New Years Eve that is a party marathon. With PP's Hogmanay tour, it is a non-stop 4 day party from start to finish.

  • On our coach tour - drive up to Edinburgh during the day on the 30th - with plenty of refreshments on board, it is usually a great warm up.
  • On the train tour - a high speed train will whisk you from Kings Cross in London to central Edinburgh, only minutes walk from all hotels.
  • Or, if you make your own way, the party begins immediately you join us at your choice of hotel or hostel.

Immediately after checking into your city centre accommodation the real party begins with our exclusive PP pre-Hogmanay party at Edinburgh's top nightclub: the Espionage, which is open to 5am! Don't go too hard, it's a big day on the 31st, with the PP warm up party starting at 10am. Remember you need to last until midnight at least!

New Years Eve in Edinburgh is always special. It hosts the biggest street party in Europe and tens of thousands of revellers decent upon Princess St to countdown the clock to 2014 followed by the awesome fireworks display from Edinburgh Castle. Who will you kiss at midnight?

On News Years Day you a few hours to clear the head with an excursion to Stirling and its fabulous castle, right in the centre of the renowned "Braveheart" countryside. Later we return to the city for our PP New Year's Day party at Edinburgh's famous Frankenstein pub. 2014 will certainly start off with a bang!

Finally, on January 2nd we depart, and head home by either coach, train or your own means for a well earned and needed rest!


Hogmanay (Scottish for New Year's Eve) has been part of Scotland's history and culture for centuries. Today it is celebrated almost like a "national day". Celebrations are held all over the country with the biggest event being held in the capital. Despite the long history of Hogmanay, Edinburgh's massive New Years Eve party has only developed over the past 2 decades. When PP first took passengers to this wonderful city in 1991, most pubs, clubs, hotels and venues were shut from Dec 30 to Jan 3 so locals could party with their neighbours. The central celebration was held in the Royal Mile under the Tron church. There was no countdown, fireworks - just a lot of booze and kissing with the locals and the few intrepid tourists who travelled to join the fun.

However it did not take long for the word to go around that Edinburgh was the ONLY place to be for New Years Eve and the numbers of visitors took off. Local authorities were forced to move the central celebrations to the city's main thoroughfare - Princes St - in 1993 and then numbers of visitors simply exploded, forcing them to cordon off the area and restrict numbers by selling special Edinburgh Hogmanay street passes - a wrist band that allows you entry to this great event. These are included in all PP Hogmanay Tours.

The roots of Hogmanay perhaps reach back to the celebration of the winter solstice among the Norse, as well as incorporating customs from the Gaelic New Year's celebration of Samhain. In Europe, winter solstice evolved into the ancient celebration of Saturnalia, a great Roman winter festival, where people celebrated completely free of restraint and inhibition. The Vikings celebrated Yule, which later contributed to the Twelve Days of Christmas, or the "Daft Days" as they were sometimes called in Scotland. The winter festival went underground with the Protestant Reformation and ensuing years, but re-emerged near the end of the 17th century.

Local customs
Each area of Scotland often developed its own particular Hogmanay ritual. In the east coast fishing communities and Dundee, first-footers used to carry a decorated herring while in Falkland in Fife, local men would go in torchlight procession to the top of the Lomond Hills as midnight approached. Bakers in St Andrews would bake special cakes for their Hogmanay celebration (known as 'Cake Day') and distribute them to local children

In Glasgow and the central areas of Scotland, the tradition is to hold Hogmanay parties involving singing, dancing, the eating of steak pie or stew, storytelling and consumption of copious amounts of alcohol, which usually extend into the daylight hours of January 1.

Institutions also had their own traditions. For example, amongst the Scottish regiments, the officers had to wait on the men at special dinners while at the bells, the Old Year is piped out of barrack gates. The sentry then challenges the new escort outside the gates: 'Who goes there?' The answer is 'The New Year, all's well.'

An old custom in the Highlands, which has survived to a small extent and seen some degree of revival, is to celebrate Hogmanay with the saining (Scots for 'protecting, blessing) of the household and livestock. This was done early on New Year's morning with copious, choking clouds of smoke from burning juniper branches, and by drinking and then sprinkling 'magic water' from 'a dead and living ford' around the house. The woman of the house then administered 'a restorative' from the whisky bottle, and the household sat down to their New Year breakfast.

An example of a local Hogmanay custom is the fireball swinging that takes place in Stonehaven, Kincardineshire in north-east Scotland. In recent years, additional attractions have been added to entertain the crowds as they wait for midnight, such as fire poi, a pipe band, street drumming and a firework display after the last fireball is cast into the sea.

"Auld Lang Syne"
The Hogmanay custom of singing "Auld Lang Syne" has become common in many countries. "Auld Lang Syne" is a traditional poem reinterpreted by Robert Burns, which was later set to music. It is now common for this to be sung in a circle of linked arms that are crossed over one another as the clock strikes midnight for New Year's Day, although in Scotland the traditional practice is to cross arms only for the last verse.

Presbyterian influence
The Presbyterian Church generally disapproved of Hogmanay. Until the 1960s, Hogmanay and Ne'erday (a contraction of 'New Year's Day' in Scots dialect, according to the OED) in Scotland took the place of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in the rest of the UK. Although Christmas Day held its normal religious nature, the Presbyterian national church, the Church of Scotland, had discouraged its celebration for over 400 years. As a result Christmas Day was a normal working day in Scotland until the 1960s and even into the 1970s in some areas. The gift-giving, public holidays and feasting associated with mid-winter were held between the 31 December and 2 January rather than between 24 December and 26 December.

With the fading of the Church's influence and the introduction of English cultural values via television and immigration, the transition to Christmas feasting was well-nigh complete by the 1980s. However, 1 January and 2 January remain public holidays in Scotland, despite the addition of Christmas Day and Boxing Day to the public holiday list, and Hogmanay still is associated with as much celebration as Christmas in Scotland. Most Scots still celebrate Ne'erday with a special dinner, usually steak pie.

The etymology of the word is obscure. It may have been introduced to Middle Scots through the Auld Alliance. In 1604 the custom was mentioned in the Elgin Records as hagmonay. The most satisfactory explanation is a derivation from the Northern French dialect word hoguinané, or variants such as hoginane, hoginono and hoguinettes. Those being derived from 16th century Old French aguillanneuf which is either a gift given at New Year, a children's cry for such a gift or New Year's Eve itself. The second element would appear to be l'an neuf i.e. the New Year. Compare those to Norman hoguinané and the obsolete customs in Jersey of crying ma hodgîngnole, and in Guernsey of asking for an oguinane, for a New Year gift.

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